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Our Values

The Art of Organizing is also the Art of Serving our Clients.
Semico, a family with strong values and beliefs:

Our fundamental values define who we are.
They inspire us every day in our actions and behavior. They define the way we work with each other - and the way we serve our clients, engage with our suppliers, local support staff.

Our Central Values:
Long-term commitment,
Social Corporate Responsible

Quality & Passion:
Quality is never an accident, it is the result of hard work of talented people who are passionate about organizing your event. We are people with energy, enthusiasm and passion for what we do…
Dedication goes indeed beyond just delivering the goods. We ask the right questions even the difficult ones. Our task is to seek, feel, translate and understand your exact needs and always find the best possible answers, in your project's interest…even if the answer is “no”.
Trust and transparency are the magic ingredients of any successful collaboration.
Semico takes this transparency to the next level, by offering you complete and continuous access to our handling of your project: financial transactions, registration system, all kind of reports are available at all times. We believe that the long-term success of any project, is tightly linked to the level of transparency, authenticity, and trust embedded within our cooperation. Open books and transparency are vital elements of our work. You are welcome to check the financial details of your event at any time. At the close of your conference, all essential documents will be provided, including audit-ready financial statements. Furthermore, as a financially stable company, we offer pre-financing, and in some cases, risk share contracts.
Let's keep it simple, innovation means for us, doing something new, different, smarter or better that will make a positive impact on the congress.
Being a leading player in our industry we believe that technology should be used to make congresses even more productive. As we are living in an increasingly technological world, we must take advantage of these new developments and incorporate them into our projects. Technology and caring for our planet are going together in the meeting industry.
Long-term commitment:
Shared Success: looking at the larger picture The success of the latest congress is only the steppingstone on which the next congress is build. We feel that we need to look at the larger picture: not only at the current edition.

We only feel that we are successful in our assignment when you ‘the client’ were able to enjoy the event from within. That you were able to invest your energy in meeting people, networking and promote yourself, your product our your ideas/believes.

Each event is unique, we listen to understand your needs and we translate these through our modular services to find the perfect solution. Our team will do its outmost to deliver your wildest dreams within the set budget and our ethical framework.
In the beginning a “congress” is like a rough uncut diamond: a lot of potential, a glance of success, but still so far away from its final form and final shining personality … We have as task to recognize the overall potential of the project and make sure the cutting is done in such a way that the client can enjoy the end product… Delivering the correct services at the right moment without stress or any waste of resources or energy.
Social & Ethical Corporate Responsible
These are no empty words for our company.
We are also committed to reducing the carbon footprint of all our projects and caring for the future of our beautiful planet. In this spirit we offer to all our participants the opportunity to offset their Carbon Footprint caused by their air travel.

Semico assures its clients to abide by its moral code of ethical practices in all corporate and social activities. We hold ourselves accountable to provide the highest standards of service, correct delivery, reliability and transparent communication.

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